Manuel De La Rosa Video Specialist


Please fill in information, print this page,
then cut out label and tape securely to top of box.

  • DO NOT send shoulder strap, battery, power adapters, tapes, etc. unless they are part of the complaint.
  • We recommend putting your camcorder in a plastic bag, and wrapping it in bubble wrap.
  • DO NOT use original sales box for shipping.
  • Place it in sturdy box with at least two inches on all sides between the camcorder and the box.
  • Add enough packaging material, such as foam peanuts, so that the camcorder is
    surrounded and cannot easily move around in the box. Tape the box securely.
  • Use any method of shipping you prefer and insure the package for it's full value.

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Manuel De La Rosa
Video Specialist
567 W. Channel Islands Bl. #124
Port Hueneme, CA 93041